Wedding Season is here

Well the wedding season is well and truly here now.

I recently shot the wedding of a charming couple Nena & Ashley Trussler.

The wedding and reception was held at The Holiday Inn in Guildford. It was a challenging venue with low ceilings (full of down lighters) and limited place to shoot group shots. The couple suggested that we shoot post ceremony shots at Guildford Cathedral. This was a great idea as it gave some superb views however I felt sorry for them as it was very windy and a touch chilly.

Nena & Ashley Trussler

It was the first time I had worked alongside a local videographer Clive Lawrence ( a truely charming gentlemen.

The couple also had a very novel thing that I have never seen before a “Sweet buffet” which was full of fantastic types of sweets and was dressed in the  same pink as the bridesmaids.

Sweet Table from SugarySweet

I think this is a great idea for both weddings and parties and I know that there was nothing left by the end of the evening. I would definitively reccomend this for your function. The company is called SugarySweet and their website is at

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