50’s Hollywood revisted

Back in December last year I had a go at creating some 50’s Hollywood shots and whilst I was quite pleased, I found that I hadn’t got the lighting quite right. So recently I decided that I would have another go. This time I paid much more attention to ensuring my metering was correct and NOT “chimping” on the back of the camera.

Again I was using my Bowens Gemini lights and used a number of different modifiers from Snoots to Barn Doors or simple hard reflectors. The key to getting the effect I found was to try and get a hard transition between the highlights and the shadows.

This time we had a new Hair Stylist who is the daughter of a friend of mine. I have to to say she was terrific and want to say a special Thank You to her. So thank you again Kate Healy you are a superstar!

Also a special thank you to my two models Holly & Emma!

Trying to recreate a 50's Hollywood shot

Trying to recreate a 50’s Hollywood shot

Another interpretation of a Hollywood look

Anyway I have posted a couple of ones that I felt worked.

Let me know what you think.


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