The Annual Rut – Bushy Park

I decided to get up early today to take advantage of a beautiful misty morning with a great sunrise.  Even though I had to drag myself out of bed it was a truly memorable sunrise.

The stags were in fine form with lots of roaring however as most people will have seen with the recent publicity the stags were in a somewhat aggressive mood however unlike last week I didn’t see any photographers “get it”

The  one problem in Bushy park is the difficulty of getting a clean background and the sheer amount of photographers there.  Today was unreal I reckon there was between 50 and 100!!

By luck I came accross a heron who was fishing. I saw him catch one fish but was too slow on the trigger but managed to grab it on his second time. Problem was that the light was very low as the sun hadn’t risen at this point so not quite as sharp as I would have liked!