Short Eared Owls

Short Eared Owl in flight

I have recently discovered an area close to where I live where there appears to be approximately 6 short eared owls living.

From local birding contacts they appeared to have arrived some time in early November.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to head out and see if I could get any shots. Unfortunately the lighting was not great and although I saw a number of the owls they were quite a long distance away.

I think these two images are the best of the bunch.

New Year’s Resolution

Eagle Owl in Flight

Eagle Owl in Flight

I am not sure if you are like me but I become very attached to the images I take and have a real problem in deleting the images that are really no good. This year my New Year’s resolution is to religiously delete the ones that don’t make it. The problem is sometimes you look back at what you thought was rubbish and then you find one that somehow was a “keeper”. An example of this was recently I was desperately searching for an image to put into a club competition when I came across this image from about 2 years ago on a shoot I did on a Canon Pro day at the Barn Owl Centre in Gloucestershire. Strangely enough it got me a top score of 10. Now I am not so sure about my New Years resolution

Wetlands & Wildlife Centre Barnes.

As normal the weather over Christmas has not been very good which has been disappointing as I had 10 days off and wanted to get out with my camera and take some shots.

I decided yesterday to head over to the wetlands and wildlife centre at Barnes even though the light was awful and the skies were very grey.

I took my 500mm telephoto and thought I would at least practice trying to get some birds in flight. I was quite pleased with the result of this Herring Gull that I managed to bag. I had to dodge and burn a bit but think the result justifies the effort. Hope you think so too?